Visions of Light [VOL] Survey
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*1. VOL participation. Check all that apply*:

*2. Motivation to enter Visons of Light*:
primary motivation*-- other: secondary motivation*-- other:

*3. Show Categories: Landscape; Architecture; People; Nature; Abstract
Are categories appropriate*:
What categories would you suggest:

*4. Compared to other shows on the Front Range, overall quality of VOL is*:

*5. Venue satisfaction--Tri Lakes Art Center*:
What changes do you suggest:

*6. VOL show dates*: suggested date:

*7. Would you favor a "People's Choice Award" --A Cash award based upon viewers' votes*?

8. Opening Reception Event changes/suggestions?

*9. Would you be in favor of a 2nd photography show*?
Time of year? Type of show*: monochromatic imagessmartphone imagestheme showother
Other suggestions:

10. How do you feel about using video monitors to display juried images instead of mounted prints in an exhibit?

*11. VOL Experience*: What have you liked most*? What have you liked least*?

12. How would you improve Visions of Light Show?

13. OTHER Comments/suggestions:

*REQUIRED Response
Thank you for your feedback and time.