2017 Monochrome Photography Show Judge • Joanna Pinneo


Joanna B. Pinneo’s work is a respectful portrayal of humanity and dignity of people around the world. Sensitive, intuitive and present, Pinneo’s strength is in photographing the intimate details of daily life and conveying complex issues through visual storytelling.  For 36 years, in 66 countries,  Joanna Pinneo has photographed unforgettable moments for numerous magazines and books. Her photograph of a child sleeping with its mother in Mali, West Africa is included in the 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic. The photograph graced the cover of National Geographic Magazine in May of 1998 and Women Photographers at National Geographic

Pinneo is a current Ted Scripps Fellow at CU-Boulder in the Center for Environmental Journalism. Pinneo is working on a project about the effect of cooking over open fires in the developing world and how the use of clean cookstoves impact the lives of women and children, deforestation, air quality and poverty.

Pinneo is a member of Ripple Effect Images, a collective of photographers who document the daily lives of women in developing countries as they battle to save the family and their community against the impact of climate change. Ripple Effect photographs the programs that help to empower women and girls.

Pinneo was nominated for a Pulitzer, won an Alfred Eisenstadt award, and featured in National Geographic’s 50 best photographs. “The Palestinians” (June 1992) won her a 1st Place Magazine Feature award in the Washington Journalism Review.

Pinneo’s work has appeared in book collections including Women In the Material World, Proud Nations, and America at Home. Magazines include National Geographic, New York Times, Time, Geo, Stern, U.S. News & World Report, Ranger Rick, Mother Jones, and American Photographer among others. Pinneo’s published essays include the Palestinians, Climate Change, the Basque Country, European Immigration, Aids in Uganda, the Sonoran Desert and Nunavut. Assignments have taken Pinneo to Cairo, Sudan, Calcutta, Northern Ireland, Latin America, China, East and West Africa and the Middle East.

Pinneo is the founder of Grrlstories, a project dedicated to giving girls a voice through photography. In 1999, Pinneo received the NPPA/Nikon Documentary Sabbatical Grant to continue her work exploring girls’ rites of passage.

Pinneo is also writing a book about the meaning of photographs in our lives.

Joanna is represented by Aurora Photos and National Geographic Creative.

Joanna makes her home in Boulder, Colorado where she enjoys the beautiful hiking trails and the rocky mountains.

“The spirit and force behind my photography is to open avenues of understanding between people and cultures, to inspire positive change and promote a connection to our natural world. I am committed to excellence and to forging connections through my work; to illuminate and inspire hope. I enjoy working on long-term projects and getting beneath the surface of a topic.”