Nov 27 – 7 pm • Organizer’s Mtg

Nov 27 • Organizer’s Mtg • 7 pm • RSVP


Palmer Divide Photographers has organized an operations board of persons to plan 2nd Mon meetings, shows, and activities.

This is a move to involve more persons to share the load in creating a quality experience.

There are plenty of ways to help support PDPhotographers.

All are invited to participate in the meeting.

Nov 13 • 2nd Mon • Peer Review

RSVP – preferred • Pay attention to weather developments this time of year.

Nov 13 – 7 pm • 2nd Mon • Peer Review

2018 Visions of Light Show Call to Artists is OPEN.  Many of you are going through your images, looking critically, selecting entries.  Bring a few for some group feedback.
Review the 12 Elements of a Merit Image, which is the VOL foundation for critique and jury.

• On a thumb drive, bring 3-5 jpgs, 1200 dpi on long side, for group review and feedback.

• UPDATES on 2018 Visions of Light Show, PDP Organization, and more.

NEXT Organizer’s meeting:  Mon, Nov 27 – 7 pm – all are invited

Oct 16 Organization Meeting for Everyone

Oct 16 • 7pm  Organization Meeting for Everyone


6 pm  doors open
Come privately view the 2017 Monochrome Photography Show
with other photographers. [not open to the public]

A while back, we attempted to meet before a 2nd Monday Meeting, but discovered that was not nearly enough time to do this business.  We encourage everyone to attend and participate!

In order to continue to provide meaningful photography events, we need people to pick up some tasks and leadership.

We’re looking for persons for the following specific tasks:

  • Plan 12 monthly meetings
  • Host monthly meetings [help with 2-3 others]
  • Plan activities such as photo shoots, workshops, seminars
  • Photography show management/coordination
  • Persons to:
    • lead a photo shoot
    • present a seminar/workshop


Brief Organizational Summary

  • 2nd Montly Mtgs
    • Seminars
    • Critique
    • Networking
  • Shows
    • Visions of Light
    • Monochrome
    • Off location member shows
  • Workshops
  • Photo Shoots
  • Organizers
    • Admin Organizer [Lynn Roth, Bill Dahl, …]
    • Promotion [Janice Dahl]
    • Graphic design
      • Show and group promotion
      • Award Certificates for show wall
    • Photo Shoot Coordination
    • Shows
      • Show card/poster
      • Show Catalog Book & Videos
      • Awards [Kim McFadden-Effinger]
        • Print Certificates
        • Collate Award package: certificate, money, etc
      • Jury management
      • Judge
      • Judge’s Seminar
      • Intake/Hang show
    • 2nd Monday Hosting
      • Open/close building
      • MC the meeting
  1. Content providers
    • group seminar of any length
    • critique session with the group