Jul 10 • Calibration • Pers Portfolio • Peer Review

Jul 10

RSVP preferred • free and open to the public
7 pm @ TLCA, 304 Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO
Jul 10 • Personal Portfolio:
The artistic photograph • Peer Review
Photography, Art, and Artistic Merit • Personal Portfolio Presentation:  Brad Legg
Brad Legg will present a portfolio of work creating photographic images in abstract, black and white, landscapes, textures and more.  In addition to Brad’s creative techniques and style, the presentation and discussion will center around the artistic photograph–what is it?  what is ‘artistic merit’? how is an art photograph created?
• Opening with Color Calibration exercise/demonstration–a brief exercise to calibrate a new media projector we are using
• Exhibit night:  For group review, bring up to 3 images on USB stick; jpg sized to 1200 on long side. Bring questions for the group about the images.
Check your email & website for last minute changes due to weather or attendance.    Join us!
A few images from Brad Legg’s Portfolio
Ridgeway, CO • abstracts • black & whites • textures


Jul 22 Milky Way Photo Shoot

Jul 22

Jul 22 Milky Way Photo Shoot • 7 pm to ? 


Location: Victor Mining District, Victor, CO

Open to all levels.  For first timers–remember we are all in the dark!–be familiar with changing ISO, f-stop, and shutter settings; practice for basic working understanding of making long exposures.  All of this helps you in the dark.

Last minute changes may occur due to weather and cloud cover.  Check website and email for last minute changes.

Dale will have initial suggestions for camera settings and basic night time photography to get us started photographing the night sky and the Milky Way.

People will need the following:

Digital SLR
Wide angle lens
Headlamp or flashlight
Dress for cool Colorado night time & terrain

A Great Attitude

Dale Poll, organizer

Jun 12 • Creating Excellent B/W images • Joanna Pinneo

Jun 12

RSVP preferred • free and open to the public

2nd Mon Mtg • 7 pm • TLCA, 304, Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO

Jun 12 • Creating Excellent B/W images • Joanna Pinneo, National Geographic Photographer

 Joanna will focus on the use of monochrome in telling the visual stories in her landscape, cultural and travel photography around the globe. 


Joanna is the show judge for the Monochrome Photography Show which opens Aug 31.