Jul 13 • 2nd Monday • 7 pm

304 Hwy 105, Tri Lakes Art Center, Palmer Lake

RSPV Please
Jack McIlnay

• New Lightroom Features with Lr 6 & Lr CC and what differences between these versions is ahead – Jack
• Paint Mines [Calhan] Photo shoot plans update
• 5 JPGS to show [on USB stick], tell & discuss   1200 px long side  “What have you been working on?”

See you there!

Jack Mcilnay, organizer

June 8 Photo Excursion

Jack Mcilnay, program host

  • 7:00-8:00
    Photo shoot around Palmer Lake; bring your photo gear

  • 8:00-9:00
    What did you find?
    How did you approached your subjects?

Field trips have been requested by some of the members.  One that has been suggested is an early morning photo shoot at the Paint Mines just south of Calhan.  We haven’t yet set up a time, but please let us know if you’re interested.

Visits to galleries have been proposed.  Are you interested in all-day or multiple day field trips?  We have some ideas for those as well.

It is spring-time in the Rockies, and time to bring a fresh look to the PD Photographers Group.

The overall theme that we will be pursuing is how to take more artistic photos.  In fact, what is meant by artistry in photography?  What is a photographic style, and how can I develop my own?

For the future, we are scheduling speakers/presenters for PDP meetings. Presenters will access the broad range of talent within our group as well as guest presenters from outside the local group.

Some of the topics that are being considered are:

— Photography as art.
— Creative uses of Lightroom; expanded feature set of the latest version.
— Lightroom and Photoshop plug-ins, such as Nik and OnOne software.
— Preparing your image file for printing.  (We’ll do this later in the year in preparation for next year’s exhibit)
— Matting and framing your print in preparation for gallery hanging. (Also later in the year)

May 11 • 2nd Mon PDPhotographers’ Planning & Exhibit Nite

Bring your images for critique and sharing.

  • up to about 5 jpgs
  • 1200 dpi
  • USB thumb drive

Bring your thoughts and ideas for planning.

WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS & NEEDS?   Some possible ideas:
1.  Workshops:  Lightroom, Photoshop, HDR, other post processing software use, lighting, preparing image for print, mounting a printed image.  OTHER SUBJECTS?
2.  Photography ON LOCATION:  Planned photo excursions locally, regionally, and otherwise.
3.  “members” exhibit:  venues for displaying our work
4.  Other ideas or comments?
5.  Are you willing to organize a workshop/presentation, photo excursion, or event?

Apr 13 Mon

Bring your latest image works!    •    RSVP is always helpful

Purpose is for serious peer photo critique & review; and fun.  Conversations are rich with tips, tools and techniques.

Bring 3-5 images on USB stick; jpg sized to 1200 on long side. Bring questions about the images that ask for the feedback you are looking for.

Later in the calendar year, we will begin to focus on the Visions of Light Photography Show, held annually in the first few months of the year.

Check your email & website for last minute changes due to weather or attendance.    Join us!

All levels are welcome  –  RSVP is always helpful

@ TLCA, 304 Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO

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