Opening a Success!

March 6-28

2015 Visions of Light Photography Show

Don’t miss the Show!
12-4 pm  Tue-Sat
TLCA, 304 Hwy 105,  Palmer Lake, CO

The opening reception was well attended throughout the evening as people…

  • viewed the 80 juried and judged photographs in the gallery;
  • enjoyed the food and company of other artist photographers;
  • viewed a video of all submitted entries; and
  • walked through the show with Show Judge Jason Odell as he shared his thoughts and responses to various images throughout the show.

2015 VOL Show Program

Award Winners • 2015 Visions of Light Photography Show

Expand Your Creative Vision

Digital Techniques to Expand Your Creative Vision

learn and improve your photography, especially under ‘less than ideal’ conditions

Thu, Mar 5  •  7:00 pm  •  Dr. Jason P. Odell, show judge
Tri Lakes Center for the Arts, 304 hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133

This seminar presentation by Dr. Jason P. Odell is a prelude to the 2015 Visions of Light Photography Show.  Dr. Odell, Show Judge, is a widely known photographer, author, and teacher of the arts of fine photography.  His work and background may be seen at

Dr. Odell is passionate about creating the image, and enjoys both the creative and technical aspects of photography.  The seminar will include lens choice, creative composition, working with available light, long exposures, infared photography, digital post-processing and effects, and much more.

The presentation will be approximately 60 min; followed by questions, answers, and a conversation with Dr. Odell.

Cost:  $39   •   Reservations click here for

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn and improve your photography, especially under ‘less than ideal’ conditions.

Cliff Palace Photography

Photography Tour in Cliff Palace
Mesa Verde National Park

Photographers, here is an opportunity to spend 90 minutes in Cliff Palace with a park ranger in a small group setting. Dramatic sunset lighting will appeal to both amateur and professional photographers as well as those seeking a deeper connection with this extraordinary archeological treasure.

The tours are offered on Friday and Saturday evenings from May 22 to September 5. Photographers must be able to carry all of your gear while keeping both hands free to climb ladders.

Tickets cost $20 per person and group size is limited to 10 people.
For reservations or more information, visit or call 1-877-444-6777.

–Thanks for the tip, Jack M!