Aug 30 Judge’s Seminar “The Art of the Photo Story” [$]

Aug 30 • 2017 Monochrome Photography Show Judge’s Seminar

Ten year old Minara, her baby sister and her mother Rahima live in a slum in Bangladesh.


“The Art of the Photo Story”

by Joanna Pinneo, award winning National Geographic photographer


Aug 30  7 pm  Tri Lakes Center for the Arts
register online – $30




Even if you are not planning to work for a magazine or newspaper, understanding the elements of a photo story will enhance your photographs and organization when you take a trip, photograph your family or want to explore a subject that interests you.

In this talk Joanna will discuss and illustrate the elements and structure of a photo story and a photo essay.  How to approach a story and what to think about when you head off into the field.  Joanna has completed eight long-form essays for National Geographic Magazine as well as numerous shorter photo stories over her 30 plus years as a professional photographer.


Aug 19 Milky Way Shoot is ON • 7 pm – Meet Safeway parking lot, 3275 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO

7 pm – Meet Safeway parking lot,

Location: Victor Mining District, Victor, CO

Open to all levels.  For first timers–remember we are all in the dark!–be familiar with changing ISO, f-stop, and shutter settings; practice for basic working understanding of making long exposures.  All of this helps you in the dark.

Last minute changes may occur due to weather and cloud cover.  Check website and email for last minute changes.

Dale will have initial suggestions for camera settings and basic night time photography to get us started photographing the night sky and the Milky Way.

People will need the following:

Digital SLR
Wide angle lens
Headlamp or flashlight
Dress for cool Colorado night time & terrain

A Great Attitude

Dale Poll, organizer