Mar 1 • Judge’s Seminar – Let your photography pay for itself! [$]

Mar 1 • Judge’s Seminar – Let your photography pay for itself! [$30]   REGISTER HERE

Let your photography pay for itself!Learn how to generate income selling your art.  

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could allow our photos to work for us and pay for our equipment and our trips?  It isn’t that hard, perhaps the hardest part is taking the first step.  We all can do some simple, inexpensive first steps and grow our income over time.  In this workshop Tom Heywood will provide something for everyone, including those who have already had some success selling their art.

Tom will discuss some of the many ways a photographer can sell his or her art.  His topics will include digital marketing and sales including social media, storefront and gallery retail sales, art fair sales and more.  Tom has had success selling his art and has learned some important lessons that he will share with the attendees. 

With the multitude of individuals with digital cameras that will take good photos there are thousands of people trying to sell their art.  Learn some techniques that will optimize the presence of your work and put it ahead of other photographers and in front of the buying public.