Jun 13 Focus Stacking • Warren Roh

June 13  7 pm, TLCA, 304 Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO • Free and open to all


Focus Stacking is a way for photographers to attain virtually infinite depth-of-focus. Warren was involved for over 20 years of product photography, where he really practiced this skill.

In this class you will learn how to photograph small, even tiny subjects, allowing you to achieve much greater depth-of-field that is possible with a single shot. You will also learn how to turn landscapes into view-scapes where everything from the foreground, just in front of the lens, to the horizon is in focus.

We will discuss hardware, techniques, software, and subject matter suitable for this valuable addition to your photographic prowess.

The photograph below was taken at Michael Garman’s museum/display of miniatures in Old Colorado City. Warren often uses this venue as a good practical application shoot location for a focus stacking class.


  • Jun 12  Early entry benefits end;
    Reg entry begins
  • Jun 13  2nd Mon Seminar
  • Jul 11   2nd Mon Mtg
  • Aug 6   Monochrome Entries
  • Aug 8  2nd Mon Mtg

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