Feb 8 Macro Photography • Warren Roh

Macro and Close-Up Photography

This class will teach you how to achieve much greater DOF (Depth-of-Field) than typical macro photography does.

For example: A high-end 100mm macro lens, from 10 inches away, at f/32, will produce a DOF of .3 inches.

In the “SINGLE SHOT” below, a DOF of several inches is produced. Learn how!!!


Along with discussing typical macro photography methods, we will discuss using INEXPENSIVE extension tubes, old-school bellows, non-macro wide-angle, telephoto, and film/darkroom enlarger lenses to achieve spectacular close-up and macro results.

This class is a combination of the classroom and hands-on. After the classroom portion, those who wish may participate in a hands-on application of what you have just learned. I will have tiny subjects available for you to shoot.

Suggested Equipment:

• Digital, removable lens camera body or macro capable point and shoot
• Sturdy tripod
• Any lenses you would like to try, can be manual or auto aperture.
• Remote camera trigger or in-camera timer
• Speed light with remote triggering (Optional)
• LED continuous or macro-flash (Optional)

I will have extension tubes, bellow, and lenses to fit Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Leica cameras available for attendees to try.

I will also have a few off-camera flashes, LED lights, and remote triggers available.

You will learn how to achieve amazing sharpness and DOF  “FROM A DISTANCE”.

You may never see these techniques taught anywhere else — Don’t miss it.

Feb 8 • 7 pm @ TLCA
Macro Photography


Warren became interested in photography in 1968 while serving with the US Navy in Tokyo. After the Navy, Warren worked as an aerospace engineer for 21 years at which time he designed satellite components. During this time he photographed his own and other Engineer’s designs that were then used in his company’s documents and formal presentations. Since retiring from aerospace, Warren has been photographing swimming and diving for several USA Swimming teams and Colorado State University. Warren has taught photography for many years, and especially enjoys teaching product, macro, and sports photography. Warren also serves as a Disaster photographer for the Pikes Peak region of the American Red Cross.

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