Aug 31 • GUIDANCE OF LIGHT: Learning to See in Black & White

Aug 31 • Judge’s Seminar:   “GUIDANCE OF LIGHT: Learning to See in Black & White”


KHP_BlogHeaderOn Wed, Aug 31, Kevin will walk you through the importance of VISION and the key role it plays in fine art image creation. This show is all about monochromatic photography, and his presentation couldn’t come at a better time. Kevin’s background is that of Graphic Design and you will see that many of the same elements that make up a strong graphically designed subject matter are the same that black and white photography demands. It requires a different mindset prior to pressing the shutter button, and Kevin will give you his insight into this, as well as explain his vision and processing methods that bring forth the six elements of a strong monochromatic image; leading lines, shapes, patterns, textures, negative space, and of course… LIGHT!

Kevin’s methodology will be presented with before and after imagery, a few bodies of work in progress, and a bit of discussion as to how he gets to the final, fine art image. He will also spend some time discussing his desire to create images as a series articulated around a strong central concept leading to a cohesive body of work.

The goals of the “Guidance of Light” presentation by Kevin Holliday are aimed to inspire and present different approaches and methodologies for you to investigate for your own workflow. Come out on August 31st to meet Kevin in-person, and see his fine art black and white photography.

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