Aug 30 Judge’s Seminar “The Art of the Photo Story” [$]

Aug 30 • 2017 Monochrome Photography Show Judge’s Seminar

Ten year old Minara, her baby sister and her mother Rahima live in a slum in Bangladesh.


“The Art of the Photo Story”

by Joanna Pinneo, award winning National Geographic photographer


Aug 30  7 pm  Tri Lakes Center for the Arts
register online – $30




Even if you are not planning to work for a magazine or newspaper, understanding the elements of a photo story will enhance your photographs and organization when you take a trip, photograph your family or want to explore a subject that interests you.

In this talk Joanna will discuss and illustrate the elements and structure of a photo story and a photo essay.  How to approach a story and what to think about when you head off into the field.  Joanna has completed eight long-form essays for National Geographic Magazine as well as numerous shorter photo stories over her 30 plus years as a professional photographer.