Jul 22 Milky Way Photo Shoot

Jul 22

Jul 22 Milky Way Photo Shoot • 7 pm to ? 


Location: Victor Mining District, Victor, CO

Open to all levels.  For first timers–remember we are all in the dark!–be familiar with changing ISO, f-stop, and shutter settings; practice for basic working understanding of making long exposures.  All of this helps you in the dark.

Last minute changes may occur due to weather and cloud cover.  Check website and email for last minute changes.

Dale will have initial suggestions for camera settings and basic night time photography to get us started photographing the night sky and the Milky Way.

People will need the following:

Digital SLR
Wide angle lens
Headlamp or flashlight
Dress for cool Colorado night time & terrain

A Great Attitude

Dale Poll, organizer

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  1. Is this date correct? I think July 8 is a full moon, which may make shooting the Milky Way a bit difficult.

  2. Will this be a workshop for all levels or only those who have been shooting the Milky Way before? I haven’t had an
    opportunity to do this but would like to. Thanks!

  3. Post
  4. Post

    Its open to all levels and good chance you won’t be the only first timer. Study up on changing the ISO, shutter speeds and f-stops; practice taking/timing long exposure [up to about 20 sec exposures photos with a tripod]. Its useful to know your way around your camera and tripod in the dark as much as possible. Its more of a guided photo shoot opportunity than a workshop, but definitely a learning experience. I hope that helps!

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