Mar 13 • 2nd Mon • The Streets of Havana

Mar 13

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The Streets of Havana
Jeff Johnson, Show Judge

Prepare to set your clocks ahead to Eastern Standard Time and your calendars back to the 1950s.

Stepping into Havana, Cuba, you would swear that you’ve gone back in time. Nothing is new. Everything has been recycled and repurposed. The cars are old American classics, emphasis on “old”. The architecture is deteriorating and the infrastructure is crumbling . . .  right below your feet . . . and it is beautiful and breathtaking.

Join Colorado Master Photographer Jeff Johnson for a journey down the historic and uniquely colorful streets of Havana, Cuba. It is a virtual step back in time . . . Literally back to the 1950s!

Jeff will share many of his unique and revealing photographic images and the stories he has from his recent trip to Cuba. He spent two weeks on the streets of Central and Old Havana where he photographed the people, the culture, the architecture and those oh so cool classic American cars.

So come and spend an evening on the streets of Havana . . . It’ll be as if you were actually there!

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