2017 Judge’s Seminar: Critiquing & Judging

Mar  2

7 pm

$30 admission
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Critiquing & Judging
Jeff Johnson, Master photographer

In this program, I will give an overview of how to critique photographic images . . .constructively and positively. Then I will cover just how to fairly review and judge an image for competition. Both points of view are extremely helpful when you are thinking about entering and preparing an image for a competition.

These are two distinctively different processes and are quite often confused or used interchangeably. And what’s worse . . . both words usually strike fear in the hearts of photographers. Constructive criticism can be such a great tool for learning to become an awesome image-maker. Entering your photography in competitions can be very scary but is also a great way to grow.

I strive to clarify both process’ and ease your fears and concerns about these often viewed “horrendous words”, judge and critique. I hope to make critiques and competitions a positive experience for you. They can become very dependable tools in your photography toolbox. Really . . . it is possible!

A great resource for these topics of critiquing and judging photographic images is an article called “The 12 Elements of Design” and can be found here:  ’12_Elements_of_Design.pdf’.


• Critiquing & Judging – What is the difference?
• Critique – Definition
• What is a critique?
• Why you would subject yourself to this horror?
• Benefits
• How to do a constructive critique
• Examples of images and critiques
• Judging – Definition
• What is judging?
• Why you should submit to competitions
• Benefits
• Types of judging


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• Mar 2  Judge’s Seminar: Critiquing & Judging
        Jeff Johnson, Show Judge

• Mar 3 Visions of Light Show
  Opening Reception  6-8 pm

• Mar 13 Streets of Havana  Jeff Johnson

• May 20 Creating images from your Soul
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