Mar 2 Judge’s Seminar

Judge’s Seminar   Wed, Mar 2 • 6 -8 pm

Wed, Mar 2, 2016
6 – 8 pm

“The Value and Pricing of your Artwork”
“The Importance of the Printed Image in the Digital Age”

Tri Lakes Center for the Arts
304 Hwy 105, Palmer Lake, CO 80133

$40 – click Judge’s Seminar to reserve a ticket

Mark Kirkland, Show Judge

“The value and pricing of your art”

This will be a discussion of the importance of getting it right when pricing your art. All artists struggle with pricing. being a “Starving Artist” looses it’s appeal very early on.
This discussion will help artists to value themselves and their artwork. The seminar will be very informative for consumers as well. Most people have no idea what goes into a piece of art, be it sculpture, painting or photography.
Mark Kirkland

Award winning Photographer Mark Kirkland has a passion for photography. He has been photographing people, nature, and wildlife for many years; and enjoys teaching photography, business and Photoshop. Mark’s work has been published locally and nationally, and has won many prestigious awards.
Mark’s understanding of today’s market place comes from a background in Business and Retail. He spent twenty-five years in the Jewelry industry and over fifteen years as a professional photographer/graphic artist.
Mark is an expert in all phases of production: Photography, Printing, Design and Layout.
Owner, Mark Kirkland Professional Photography, Inc.
Executive Director, Co-Founder Peak Digital Imaging Society
Member, Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of Colorado, Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs, and Tri Lakes Chamber.

Coleen Swanson, Judge Assistant

“The importance of the printed image in the digital age”

“I never print my digital photos….it costs too much!”  As a professional photographer, I have heard this a bazillion times. The real question is…what is the cost of NOT printing your images??? Will a digital file in your cloud storage raise your child’s self-esteem? Will that digital photograph get passed down to your grandchildren?  Can you still listen to your 8 track tapes? NOPE! But I will bet you that you have a show box full of photographs of you as a kid in your drawer! Let’s explore all the reasons we should be printing our photographs and having them on display for everyone to enjoy everyday!
Coleen Swanson, CPP

With an insatiable desire to create photographic art, Coleen Swanson, Certified Professional Photographer, prides herself as one of the top award winning portrait artists in Colorado Springs for over 25 years.  Every session is customized to encompass the spirit and soul of her clients and the occasion.  Coleen’s professionalism is exemplified with countless awards, over 1700 hours of continued education of portrait photography, 22 years of membership in national, state and local professional photography associations, and serving on their Board of Directors.
Her love of the outdoors, combined with her desire to create moving images of people and their passions, keep her inspired and always striving to create something artistic each time she picks up the camera.  Her goal is to design “art” for your walls that just happens to have you or your family in it!

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