Dec 14 Enhancing your Milky Way Images

National Park Service selected Dale Poll's Milky Way photo in a publication distributed to 90 different National Parks.

My Milky Way photo will be used by the National Park Service in a publication that will be sent to 90 different National Parks.  –Dale Poll, photographer

Colorado Springs photographer Dale Poll, an accomplished nighttime & Milky Way photographer, will use Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop to demonstrate his process to create great night sky photos.

The computer screen will be projected for group viewing.

If winter road conditions are poor, we will cancel, and reschedule for Mon, Jan 11, 2016

How to enhance Milky Way images, a demonstration tutorial by Dale Poll.

Learning Points
     1. Preparation in Adobe Lightroom
     2. Boost the Milky Way
     3. Selective noise removal
     4. Deepen the color in the sky
     5. Apply a vignette

First, we’ll start by using Adobe Lightroom to prepare our image.
Second, we’ll apply post-process techniques in Adobe Photoshop to produce a beautiful edit of our RAW image.

We will also discuss a Milky Way field trip in late Winter or early Spring.
A Ranger, at the Florissant Fossil Beds, has offered to host us for a Hornbek Homestead Milky Way Meet-up. He was thinking February and I’m thinking March or April.  We also discussed returning to the Paint Mines.